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Internet marketing, or online advertising, uses the Internet to market your business to potential and existing customers. The Internet is really just a new medium for conveying information – and Internet marketing refers to how you “advertise” your products and services to an audience of people who will hopefully buy them.Internet Marketing: The Learning CurveJust as when the television first arrived on the scene, there is a learning curve: Companies have to figure out how to best mine the medium for customers. Perfecting your skills in online advertising is an ongoing process (just as it was with TV…witness the DVR and commercial skipping among viewers). In the online world, things are evolving faster than with other media.Just as on any medium, however, Online marketing has its own way of working and its own rules. The good news is that, with this particular medium, you can control your own presence. You can control what users see, hear and experience; the users can control when and how they access information… Online advertising is a win-win for all.Your Website is the First StepInternet marketing begins with your website. Content management systems are needed for proper online advertising- unless, that is, you are not interested in attracting new ones effortlessly through online advertising. Internet marketing is a sales tool. By investing time and energy, online advertising can work for you day and night to bring in new customers. You will need to be able to change your website in order to tweak your evolving online marketing strategy.Know How People Use the InternetKnowledge is power. Knowing how people use the Internet is key to building a successful Internet marketing strategy. Most people use a search engine to find what they are looking for. Thus, search engines are vitally important to your online advertising program. Google is the most-used search engine, followed distantly by Yahoo and then by a host of others, making Google a great investment for your Internet marketing time, effort, and money.Marketing Your WebsiteOne of the main goals of Internet marketing is to get your website to come up as high on keyword search result pages as possible. That means employing online advertising strategies, such as constantly changing content, linking to as many site as possible, and loading your site with meta tags and keywords that help people find you. The Google AdWords tool can make online advertising easier. It can help you find out which keywords “pull” more than others and choose those that are searched most often, a widely used Internet marketing tactic.There are also paid online advertising opportunities that can make your online marketing plan successful. For example, you can pay your way to the top of search engines through pay-per-click advertising, a wonderful tool for Internet marketers, which lets you place a bid for certain keywords. The most successful online advertising happens when you are only in front of people actively searching for what you have to offer.You should also investigate advertising opportunities on websites that hit your target audience. Divide the cost of the advertising by the traffic to determine whether it’s worth your Internet marketing dollars. Because it is still relatively new, good online advertising sometimes means you just have to try it to see if it works. If it’s not performing, try something else. Most importantly, pay regular attention to your Internet marketing efforts and adjust your strategy according to your results.